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Blog Review: Roads Less Traveled (Emily and Mark Fagan)

Image credit Emily & Mark Fagan

Image credit Emily & Mark Fagan

This is the debut post in a new topic series: blog reviews. Between networking and web research, I’ve come across many blogs, some good, some not so much and some that really strike a chord with me. Bloggers have varying degrees of experience, training, expertise, level of commitment and reasons for blogging. Emily and Mark Fagan’s blog, Roads Less Traveled, is among my favorites.

I first discovered Roads Less Traveled when Emily shared a post on G+. What made me click the link? The high quality photo, full-time rving theme and fun, yet direct tone. Full-time rving and sailing around the world is one of those things generations of us have longed for, thinking of it as mostly a retirement activity. Today, at least three generations, from Boomers to Millenials, are making it their reality – and at every point on the budget, footage and experience spectrum. Emily and Mark decided to just do it and their blog conveys that adventurous spirit.

Once you get to the blog, you’ll notice the clean, well-organized, easy to follow layout. They’ve developed mad photography skills and, coupled with their writing, it makes you feel as if you’re right there in the middle of each experience with them. Some of their work has been published in major RV and travel magazines, and the Fagans share those links, as well as the blogs of friends on certain important topics, like composting toilets. They post regularly and respond to comments in a timely manner. There are ads and a gear store, but they’re absolutely relevant and useful, and give you an opportunity to support indie authors.

When I asked Emily about getting started on the full-time boondocking rving lifestyle, she promptly replied with a link to their page on that subject, featuring all the resources a newbie needs. Is it any wonder I’ve subscribed for email updates and regularly share their posts throughout my social media network? Some of my favorite posts include the RV/MH Hall of Fame, How Big an RV Do You Need, and Smoked Out by a Wildfire.

Give Roads Less Traveled a look-see. Be sure to explore their books and CDs on full-time rving and sailing, as well as that Gear Store I mentioned earlier. Every second there is well spent.

DISCLOSURE: This review was neither solicited nor compensated. I just plain love this blog and wanted to do something different.

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