5 Famous Authors on Facebook… Let’s See if it’s Useful

In my experience, the author-reader interaction is far better on G+.


With more than 1 billion users registered with Facebook, when authors are considering social media to promote their books, it’s often the first Social Media Channel they explore.

Publishers urge authors to get acquainted with Facebook, too.

In fact, I recently overheard (at the gym locker room, believe it or not), that one guy who just landed a book deal has to maintain a Facebook and Twitter presence for the book as part of the deal.

So, yeah, Facebook is a big thing for authors… or so we think.

If you’re trying to start a Facebook Page, the experience is a lot different than if you’re just a writer trying to get more followers on Twitter.

Why’s that? Let’s take a look, then see how five famous authors are using Facebook Pages.

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