Haiku, Poetry

HAIKU: Rough Drafts from a Chinese Restaurant


I was out running errands and just sitting down to enjoy a late lunch when the Muse grabbed me by the scruff and made me write these stream of consciousness haikus about the experience. Please, let me know if you like any of them.



egg rolls are said to be

but are they vegan?


The soy sauce bottle

reads water, wheat, soybeans, salt

so not gluten free.


After lunch veg plate

steamed white rice, egg roll, great sauce!

crisp vegetables


Soy Sauce and Essence


Bamboo, broccoli,

carrots, celery, mushrooms,

water chestnuts, gin-…


Fork and spoon only

were wrapped in my napkin.

A knife would be nice.



Blue and white ombre

highlights the Asian design

on my dinner plate.

Vegetable Lumpia


The clear plastic glass

says Pepsi-Cola, but it

holds my tea just fine.



The color red coats

the dining table and seats

at Buffet City.



A black plastic tray

holds salt, pepper, sugar, sub,

and still the salt lists.



The tasseled kanji

means ‘Good fortune’ or ‘All’s well.’

I don’t know Chinese.


© 2015 Belinda Y. Hughes All rights reserved.


Belinda Y. Hughes is the author of the new lesbian vegan interracial romance, Blues in the Night (Amazon), Confessions of a Red Hot Veggie Lover 2 (Amazon), a lacto ovo vegetarian cookbook, and Living Proof (BookLocker), a miracle memoir short story collection. She enjoys reading, writing, beading, baking and hiking in the woods with her old dog. Belinda’s poetry has been published in the Odessa Review, New Day Publications and Long Story Short. Her next romance will feature a lesbian disabled veteran.

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