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Blog Review: Blogger Abroad (Bryan and Dena Haines)

Image credit Bryan Haines

Image credit Bryan Haines

If you want to become a better blogger, make money with a home-based, online business, get insider info on the latest tech and photography tools, visit the hottest international travel spots off the beaten path and enjoy your life more, you need to subscribe to Bryan and Dena Haines’ Blogger Abroad.

Bryan and Dena are embracing the digital nomad lifestyle as expat Canadians based in Cuenca, Ecuador with their daughter. As a family, they try out new cameras and accessories in exotic locales, test web tools and techniques for blogging and business development and take web fasts, too. They are who you want to grow up to be – healthy, balanced people living a universal dream.

If I have one complaint about Blogger Abroad, it’s that I can’t just stop my world and binge read everything there. Whenever I dive into their latest blogging, photography, travel and business tips and ideas, I feel well fed, yet eager for the next seating time. It’s always easy to read, implement and share. The layout is exquisite, there’s no wasted space, yet it has great flow.

So get over there already, experience it for yourself and start improving your online and offline lives today. My fave posts so far are

100 Gulls, 2 Loaves of Bread, & a GoPro,

How To Auto Restore Your Crashed / Hacked WordPress Site and

Parkinson’s Law: How We Get More Done #48HoursOffline.

DISCLOSURE: This blog review was neither solicited nor compensated in any way, shape or form. The above opinions are my own. I simply cannot recommend this blog highly enough.


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