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Health Writing Markets

Image credit Ron Sombilon

Image credit Ron Sombilon

Calling all health nuts:

  • yoga, meditation and martial arts enthusiasts
  • runners, walkers, hikers and bikers
  • vitamin, herb tea, smoothie and juice lovers
  • health, fitness and food bloggers & Twitterchat/HOA hosts
  • nutritionists, fitness instructors, midwives, nurses and massage therapists
  • home cooks who serve only well balanced meals
  • cookbook authors, organic gardeners and water drinkers
  • preppers who plan, can, dehydrate and freeze
  • vegetarians going vegan or considering it
  • parents of vegetarian progeny
  • fur parents who cook for four-legged kids


If you one or more of the above labels describe you, get ready to write! Whether you’re an experienced blogger, author, journalist or haven’t the faintest clue where to begin, there’s a health magazine looking for the contents of your brain.


The six publications listed below serve a variety of audiences, from childhood to retirees. With a wide variety of health concerns touching each stage of life, these editors need high quality, original content, namely the benefit of your experience. Whatever your walk of life has been or your latest discovery, there’s something you have to share with their readers.


Beginners, I’ve included a key to help you decipher abbreviations and terms commonly used in writers’ guidelines. As for experienced professionals, only paying markets made the list. So go forth, click and get more details, then write what you know and let your bank account grow!


DISCLOSURE: I certify that I did not copy these travel writing markets from any other articles, lists, blog posts or directories. They are the direct result of a Google search for “health magazine guidelines payment.” All information in the notes below is directly from each magazine’s official website.


Abbreviations and Terms Key:


Clips: physical tear sheets or electronic links to previously published material by a submitting author, with bylines if possible

Esubs: email submissions

Lead Time: preferred period of time to receive work prior to desired publication (re issues or manuscripts tied to themes, seasons and events)

Mss: manuscripts, the written work being submitted

PP: previously published

Query: sent prior to manuscript, usually a cover letter with a concept outline and clips of previously published works

Response time: usual period of time to hear back from editors

Simsubs: simultaneous submission (to multiple venues)

Snail mail: U.S. Postal Service or similar

Unsolicited: submissions sent w/o query or editorial request


Rights: publication rights

First rights: the work may be resold after publication

All rights: the work may not be resold after publication

Electronic rights: the right to publish the work via email or web

Archival rights: the right to store the work perpetually, usually on the web

Web rights: the right to publish the work anywhere on the web, archival rights may or may not be included




Vibrant Life

Payment: $100-300 upon acceptance

Rights: first world serial, reprint and electronic



U.S. Kids

Payment: $25-70+ upon publication

Rights: all rights, incl. web

Submissions: no queries exc. nonfiction for Jack & Jill; snail mail preferred; sim subs ok with notification



Eating Well

Pay rate: up to $1/wd.

Rights: all rights, incl. web

Lead time: 3 to 6 mos.


Narrative Magazine

Payment: $25-1,000; $4k annual Narrative Prize

Submissions: via site submission system only, no snail mail or email; sim subs ok; unsolicited mss. incur nominal submission fee, split between admin costs and annual prize

Response Time: 4-12 wks.


Georgia Family

Payment: $20-80 plus tear sheet within 30 days of publication

Rights: first rights

Submissions: esubs only
MOAA (Military Officers Association of America

Payment: .80/wd. (1k-2k wds.) upon acceptance

Rights: first rights, incl. web and reprint

Submissions: esub and snail mail accepted; query first, no unsolicited mss.

Response time: 3 mos.


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Belinda Y. Hughes is the author of Confessions of a Red Hot Veggie Lover 2, a vegetarian cookbook, available on Kindle. Her food blog, Cafe Belinda, serves up dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, Kosher, vegetarian and vegan recipes, giveaways and lifestyle tips with a vegan slant. Her writing blog features author interviews, book reviews, guest posts and writing markets. She welcomes opportunities and inquiries from other bloggers, ink slingers and SM (social media, get your mind out of the gutter!) practitioners. If you follow her everywhere (on social media), she will not call the police.






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