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BOOK REVIEW: Valerie and Greg: Eveiller Drive Book 6 (Melanie James)

Need a cheap, steamy diversion from your reality? Author Melanie James delivers with her new release of erotica, Valerie and Greg: Eveiller Book Six. The hot sex starts on page one.

This is the first book I’ve read in the Eveiller Drive series and it took me about an hour to complete. The scenes are easy to get into and enjoy. Somewhere between the works of Sofia Paz and Jennifer Crusie, Valerie and Greg is light reading and fast paced, but doesn’t skimp on emotions, physical contact or creativity.

If you’ve ever had to balance work, home, and sex and/or wondered how to spice up your sex life, you’ll love this book!


“Greg loved the daily lunchtime quickies he and Val enjoyed. Oh yeah, she was his drug of choice and he was addicted. Ahhhh, the benefits of living close to the office, he thought as he lifted Valerie’s ankles around his neck. The erotic vision before him cranked up his desire tenfold, quickening his pace.”

DISCLOSURE: I am a member of Author Melanie James’ street team. Opinions are entirely my own.

Buy link:

Grab Valerie and Greg at Amazon – just 99c for a limited time!

Belinda Y. Hughes is the author of Confessions of a Red Hot Veggie Lover 2 and Living Proof. She recently submitted a paranormal scifi short story to HDWP Books for consideration in their New Myths Theme-Thology. Her current projects include LGBT erotica and poetry. Belinda enjoys beading, reading, writing, cooking and hiking in the woods with her old dog.

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