Cajun Casino Heist and Lesbian Romance (Belinda Y. Hughes)

Check out my guest blog, “Cajun Casino Heist and Lesbian Romance” at Rochelle Campbell’s The Notebook Blogairy.

The NoteBook Blogairy

Belinda Hughes Book Cvr_9 17 2014

Belinda Y. Hughes, author of Confessions of a Red Hot Veggie Lover 2 and blogger at Café Belinda, is here to share a character Q&A from her work in progress, Jean Be Gone, an LGBT romance and crime novel set in her native Southwest Louisiana. Today she interviews Camille Sallier, the main character.

Belinda Hughes_9 17 2014What or who is the greatest love of your life?

That would be my new stud, the detective investigating my case. Belinda hasn’t named her yet. She smokes, eats meat and thinks I need a keeper, but cher, she is THE keeper! National champion in martial arts and marksmanship, chiseled physique, confident, poetry in motion. I can sit and watch her teach and spar for hours. She loves my animals and they adore her. She’s helping me remodel the house with her carpentry skills and I’m teaching her veganism. My new hottie is also tutoring me in…

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