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Your favorite travel magazines called. They need new stories and photos for upcoming issues. Are you an off-the-beaten-path adventurous spirit? Do you have stories and photos left to unpack from your latest trip? Have your convos with local culturati and characters led to unique food and memories? Check out the guidelines below to submit your ideas, articles and pics for publication.


General Tips for Beginners

Peruse a year’s worth of each magazine’s archives before submitting. Send fresh, relevant topics that have not been published in that period. Read guidelines closely for audience, slant and submission specs. Pay attention to tips and recommended reading links.


Experienced Writers

Not all of these travel magazines are general interest. Yankee and Sunset are region-specific. Literary Travel is slanted toward book, art and music lovers. The Expeditioner has an assignment alert mailing list.


DISCLOSURE: I certify that I did not copy these travel writing markets from any other articles, lists, blog posts or directories. They are the direct result of a Google search for “travel magazine submission guidelines.” All information in the notes below is directly from each magazine’s official website.




Travel + Leisure

95% freelance written. Payment upon acceptance. Must not accept free travel. Query with clips, limit three queries at once. E-queries via the link under Editorial Guidelines get fastest response. Snail queries OK with SASE. Circ.: 950K monthly.


Newbies must prove themselves in the front sections. After you’ve gotten a few under your belt, they’ll let you try for the features.


TIP: Include easy-to-follow destination details and what excites you about each place.


National Geographic Traveler

Payment is upon acceptance and varies. Buys all rights, which revert to author 90 days after publication. Snail mail queries only. Must not accept free travel. Include credentials and clips. A query is a proposal outlining concept and slant, not a completed article.


TIP: “Answer the questions: Why now? Why NG Traveler?”



Payment upon acceptance and invoice. Byline possible. E-queries preferred, snails accepted with SASE. Needs 1-2pp short travel pieces. Audience is 70% busy suburban females seeking travel deals. Publishes five regional editions: Pacific Northwest; Northern California; Southern California; Southwest and the Rockies. Covers Canada, the Western U.S. and Mexico. Topics are travel and recreation, garden and outdoor living, food and entertaining and home design, remodeling and projects. Circ.: 1M+ monthly.


TIP: Think multiple “soft” action experiences per destination.


Yankee Magazine

Payment upon acceptance and invoice. Buys all rights. Covers Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Features plus Home, Food, Travel and Nonfiction departments. No poetry, fiction or cartoons. Query with clips or submit unsolicited manuscript with cover letter. Snail with SASE. Response time is 5 wks. Photographers should contact the Photo Editor to share portfolio before querying.


TIP: Be sure to read http://www.yankeemagazine.com/behind-scenes-magazine/writers-guidelines.



Literary Traveler

Pays $50 USD via Paypal 5-6 wks after publication. Buys exclusive and archival rights. No previous publications. Email completed article. No payment for photos. Covers Books, Travel, Hotel and Gear with a cultural persona slant.


TIP: Submissions are paid, contributions are not.


The Expeditioner

Pays $30 USD upon publication. Author bio and blog link included. Accepts unsolicited manuscripts with relevant photo links and social media numbers via email. First person narrative, 1,100-1,300 wds., also Top 10 lists, location overviews and long forms. American audience. Join their email list to be notified of assignment opportunities.


TIP: Checkout the recommended reading links.


Where did you go last? Where are you going next?


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