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Book Review: The Bone Road by Lorca Damon



There are worse things than the end of the world…like surviving it.

Xander Welch spent a lot of time in prison thinking of creative ways to make amends, but heading into what’s left of America after the Oil Crisis of 2015 might be the dumbest idea he’s come up with yet.

With only a ten-year-old native to guide him, Xander has to travel deep in the heartland of a society that has no roads, no electricity, no internet…and no help from the outside world.” – Blurb for The Bone Road by Lorca Damon


The Bone Road satisfied the Neil Gaiman test for me. It was on my mind, coloring my lenses for the rest of the day and into the next, and left me on the edge, craving more. I’m a fan of Celestine Prophecy, Mutant Message Down Under, Twister and the Day After Tomorrow. For me, this book has elements of all four: adventure, personal growth, relationship development, survival techniques and apocalyptic circumstances.

When I first checked the page count, I thought I’d read it in three sittings. Wrong. I read it in two, stopping only for necessities at p. 61 and getting back as quickly as I could.

My synopsis: A pre-teen orphan girl and an Australian ex-con experience the adventures of life on the run in post-apocalyptic America. People, places and things are shifting sands on the Bone Road and you never know what’s next until you get there.

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of reviewing. The views expressed are my own.

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Goodreads Preview

By the way, this was my first book review. What did you think?


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