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You might be a garden writer if…

  • you get excited about coffee grounds, fruit rinds and eggshells.
  • you’re a card-carrying member of the Dirty Fingernails Club.
  • you consider bees, wasps, worms and beneficial nematodes to be highly qualified employees.
  • you say manure instead of bullshit.
  • you shop for meals and gifts from the windowsill, patio, backyard, landscape or roof.
  • the top words in your curse vocabulary are Monsanto, Snowpocalypse and drought.
  • your hunting rack holds a cultivator, shovel and rake.
  • your idea of a hot date is a garden show or seed swap.
  • you prefer pole beans to pole dancers and bush beans over Amanda Palmer’s Map of Tasmania.
  • shoppers ask your advice whenever you dash into your local garden center.
  • overalls, hiking shorts and Crocs dominate your wardrobe.
  • you’ve never once had to call a bondsman on behalf of your strippers.
  • the highlight of your week is #gardenchat on Twitter every Monday night at 8p CST.

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Not to worry. There is a constructive therapy for all these symptoms. Send your gardening tips, how-to articles and personal stories to the garden writing markets below. If they like them, they will send you money to support your habit. Most payments include contributor copies for your clip files or to share with your loyal fans. Also, these markets are primarily nonfiction, so save your poetry and fiction for other publications.

I certify that I did not copy these garden writing markets from anyone else’s articles, lists, blog posts or directories. They are the direct result of my own crazed lust over Mother Earth News and a Google search for “gardening magazines.” All information in the notes below was carefully gleaned from each magazine’s official website.


Grab your shovel and dig in. Click the links below for more information on audience, slant and submission formats. I highly recommend reading sample copies and querying before submitting. These editorial staffers love to help writers. They make sure you’re not duplicating past content or accepted articles on file and that your work meets their needs, resulting in a happier experience for all. So go ahead. Thar’s gold in them thar garden writing markets!


Mother Earth News

Pays $25-100 per published “Country Lore” tip of 100-300 wds. Email and snail mail submissions accepted.



Fees negotiated per assignment. E-query first. Email and snail mail submissions accepted upon assignment. Sow Hoe is the gardening department. Prefers 500-1,500 wds. Pays on publication. Payment includes two copies. Buys shared rights. Author may republish elsewhere a year after publication date.



Pays up to $150 for up to 2,000 wds. Pays on acceptance. Buys First North American Serial Rights (FNASR). Accepts esubs, but prefers and pays by snail mail. Query first.


Small Farm Today

Pays 2-3.5 cents per published word. Prefers 1,400-2,600 wds. Accepts reprints. Buys first serial rights and nonexclusive print rights. Pays 60 days after publication. Check editorial calendar for topics and deadlines. Make extra money with colorful sidebar materials (photographs, art, graphs, charts, diagrams and cartoons) related to your article.


Back Home Magazine

Pays $35/printed page and up. Pays on publication. Kill fee offered. E-query first. E-subs welcomed. Buys First North American Serial Rights (FNASR). Make extra money with good quality, high resolution digital images relevant to your piece.


Texas Gardener

Pays $25-200 upon publication. Payment includes two copies. Prefers 700-1,050 wds. Query by email, disc or snail mail with outline or completed article. Include personal expertise and writing sample or published clips. Responds to queries in six weeks. Prefers high resolution digital images, but will consider slides or prints, all of high quality.


Author Bio

Belinda Y. Hughes is the author of Confessions of a Red Hot Veggie Lover 2: Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian Recipes and Living Proof. Her blog, Café Belinda, specializes in dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, Kosher, vegan and vegetarian recipes. When she’s not refilling her wildlife buffet, covered in compost or out hiking with her old labradachs, she is available for author interviews and guest blogging opportunities.







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